Sherman Hills Subdivision

Homeowners Association (Phases 1 & 2)

I received a "non-compliance" letter from the HOA.  Now what?

First, recognize that we have in place already published and easily understood standards (our covenants and deed restrictions) that we all agreed to abide by when we purchased our homes.    The Board of the HOA is not seeking to be unkind, or to intrude in people's lives, but to 1) inform homeowners when a violation incurs, 2) to provide them with the details on the how and why of the violation, 3) to provide guidance on how to become compliant again-- and 4) if the homeowner does not comply, to, as a last resort, seek fines and/or legal action.

So what do you do?   Read the letter, note the area(s) of non-compliance, and resolve it.  If you're unable to do so for some reason (such as family emergency, etc), simply let the HOA know when and how you will resolve it, and they will seek to work with you!

Finally-- recognize that this isn't personal, it's no reflection on you, but it is necessary that we enforce our covenants and deed restrictions.  You received this letter from a volunteer- so please-- be nice.

Questions?  Contact us. That's why you elected a board.

Why are these generated?  And how do I keep from receiving these letters?

The Sherman Hills Homeowners Association board is required to send out a non-compliance, or "violation" letter, when it observes that a home in not in compliance with the covenants and deed restrictions.  So the easiest way you can prevent receiving a letter is to read the covenants and deed restrictions, and to stay within these published guidelines.

Before you seek to paint your home a new color or trim color, add a fence, antenna, home alteration or other item that would require review and approval, why not pick up the phone or drop us an email to discuss it first?   This is easiest for you-- and for your board.   If you wish, we'll even help you with your submission for approval.

And of course-- if you're contemplating making any of these additions or changes in the future- even the distant future-- please read the covenants and deed restrictions first- that's why they're published here on the website.


The Sherman Hills Homeowners Association